Here the list of some of the top Ethiopian Twitterati, you will appreciate how twitter is helping us to get access to some Ethiopian dissidents

Abiye Teklemariam @abiyetk
I am an Ethiopian academic and dissidentjournalist. My main area of interest is democratic theory and practice. I passionately hate authoritarianism.

Abe Tokichaw @abebe_tolla

ሰላም ለተከታዮቼ እና ለምከተላችሁ…!

Argaw Ashine@argawnmg
Exiled #Journalist, interested on #AU, #environment ,#aid and #security in the #Horn of Africa region. Reporter for NMG, My views and mistakes are my own .East Africa/ Ethiopia

Al Mariam @pal4thedefense
Professor of Political Science & Defense Attorney
Los Angeles, CA •

Dawit Kebede@dawitawramba
Dawit Kebede is Managing Editor of Awramba Times from Ethiopia and recipient of the 2010 International Press Freedom Award from CPJ.

Derese Kassa @nestaneth
loves humanity, freedom, and dignity

Elias Kifle @EliasKifle
Editor-in-Chief, Ethiopian Review Addis Ababa, Ethiopia •

Ermias Amare @ermam
West Europe

Fisseha Tegegn @fisseha505
Journalist, football and athletics junkie, and AFC Ajax fan.

Kiflu Hussain @HussainKiflu

Mesfin Negash @mesfinnegash
Managing Editor and Co-founder of ADDIS NEGER Newspaper
Addis Ababa

Masresha Mammo@masresham

Solomon Shumiye @solshumiye

Tamerat Negera @Tamefeyisa
An Ethiopian a constant rebel who likes to read and write

Tesfaye gebreab @Mastawesha
Writer Netherlands •

Zerihun Tesfaye @zerecon
Ethiopian Exiled Writer Tweets about Ethiopian Economy and Politics

Yonas Hailemeskel@Khanua
Sport Journalist at Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency…
Addis Ababa, ERTA

Just as a conclusion,some of them do not tweet frequently but following them does not cost us much please follow them.

One Response to “Have a look at what Ethiopian opinion leaders (journalists, writers and dissidents) are saying on twitter?”

  1. guest pc

    “Here the list of some of the top Ethiopian Twitterati”, says at the beginning of your article and I went to their twitter account to see what they are saying and have twitted. And here is what I found. Some of them haven’t even tweet a single tweet and yet you said they are top in Ethiopian Twitterati….?Xplain plseeeeeeeeee

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