Last year I published what Ethiopians were searching in 2010 on the web. As 2011 is in close proximity to be over here is what Ethiopian internet users have been searching throughout 2011. Though there are no basic change interims of search term from 2010, there are some surprises. Let’s see the top searches by dividing them into three groups as top web search, news, images and product searches.
In similar manner as in 2010 the most regularly requested search term on Google by Ethiopians in 2011 is the social networking site, Facebook. The remaining top ten searches are not of big revelation – they are a blend of e-mail websites like Gmail and Yahoo. Ethiopia and BBC news are also amongst the top searched terms in 2011.
Google’s fastest rising search list also revealed that Gaddafi, DV2013 and an Ethiopian Television Drama called Sew le Sew are among fastest rising searches on Google. With DV2013 is a break out the remaining are almost comparable with top search terms.
Despite relentless coverage of the Great Renaissance Dam on Blue Nile by government and local media; it seems Ethiopians online are not interested to Google it. There is no single search item for the news of the grand project in the top searched items but it appears that the word “Abay” which means Blue Nile is among fastest rising search list.
Google Insights for Search, which registers the most searched images, reveals that Rihanna, Meles Zenawi, Renaldo were among the key words punched by many Ethiopians online.
Google Insights for Search sounds like a tool for everyone who is interested to know what Ethiopians were searching on Google should try it. Here is the link

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  2. andthree

    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award; hope you don’t mind.

  3. manenomatamu

    The Millenium Dam story was even on Ethiopian Airlines inflight magazine (the official story, of course)…

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