Fortunately enough, as we are blessed with series episodes of El Clasico matches in the coming four weeks, I decided to share my passion of football as Barcelonista! You know, these days whenever there is a Barca game some friends of mine asked me to give them an analysis of Barca’s game and yet some others mock me because they say that I used to be a fan of Arsenal. They always think that I changed the club that I supported so keenly because Arsenal is not considered as big club anymore. Yes they are right I used to be a fan of Arsenal and I still enjoy free flowing one touch football of Arsenal. But I say what happens on the pitch remains on the pitch for Arsenal and my love of football have gone beyond the pitch and Barca provide me an ideological support for my passion of football. This is one of the case why I love Barca and I do have more and let me tell you why.

The history of Football Club Barcelona clearly showcase unprecedentedly that FCB is engaged in a major moments of reinforcing the Catalan identity and Catalonia as an independent constituency of Spain. I’m sorry to say that but I have to say it the current repression in Oromia regional state of Ethiopia is exactly similar if not identical with Franco’s period of Spain, which I suppose FCB has fought successfully through peaceful, honorable and poetic football.

Scholars who’ve studied the ethos of the Oromo’s all agree that the Oromo have suffered a lot. And I extend this wide-ranging agreement of scholars to make an analogy of the Oromos with the Catalans. In similar fashion and scale of the Catalans the Oromos have gone through extreme psychological stress, leading to even more severe identity and cultural disruptions that is self evident to date.

Though I admit the Oromo’s nationalism has got its own distinct characteristic features and poorly researched unlike that of their Catalan counterparts I have found comparable causes in their nationalism. Therefore, I craved to be a fan of FCB because it has the capacity to harness the brightest of Catalan values; FCB is a club that is well acquainted with demands and power of globalization to help in promoting the real Catalan cause on global scale. FCB is a club that is good at integrating players from Spain and the rest of the world, nurturing them with the best insight available in football as well as in life, rather than on narrow ideology unlike the likes of Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad FCB has the ability to forge harmony, not just among the Catalans but the whole of Spain as we have observed in the recent world cup of South Africa as well as Euro 2008. I believe these achievements were greatly inspired by FCB players and most importantly by Catalans. This clearly shows the ethos of FCB which influence Catalan players to abstain from narrow self interest and embrace the possibilities that they can accomplish if they work together to build a better Spain.

FCB is a club that fought not only injustice, but also a club whose approach to freedom and justice seem gone well with the problems of a Catalan identity: well composed as foundation, positive even in the time of Franco’s adversity, willing to stand for truth about issues of Catalonia

For friends of mine who might doubt the ability of sport to unite a nation for a cause I strongly believe that sport provides ideological and cultural support for a certain society.FCB is a classic case. It is also evident if we look at how football is interwoven with the life of Brazilians. Ethiopian middle and long distance athletics domination over the world and our joyful festivities whenever out athletes win a certain championship can also epitomize my claim. Moreover, if scandals are true once I heard that Keninesa Bekele had a plan to wrap himself in the flag of his regional state after his major Olympic victory but the criticism was so harsh and loud then he left his plan for fear of being associated with one of Oromian opposition groups. I do not care weather this rumor is true or not but I feel there is a strong urge of the Oromos to make themselves felt in Ethiopia or outside Ethiopia and I suggest the Barca way is the best model to follow. For now, let me not strain you with stiff politics of football. Enjoy the first Classico from the coming four Classicos in succession this Saturday, which I expect a five nil trashing of the hosts in whites. Sure I expect that!

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  1. eweket

    different insightful perspective among the nation in which people see football only on the pitch. and talk about it passionately without a tangible connection with their real life. Nice!

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