Sometimes things pops up and made you think so seriously on certain issues of life.On a meeting a friend of mine told me about his friend whose girl friend  had gone somewhere abroad for a business but later he recognized that she turn out to be his close relative.This made me think that people do not know each other and yet we claim that people are more connected better than anytime in human history .People  even in a country where its digital communication is so poor like in Ethiopia are getting disconnected.They try to adopt the new media communication technology and follow a western style of life.What do you think?

3 Responses to “What a story!”

  1. wdw

    Information is a way to connect people. Look, the power of the social media how it is connecting people but how many of us fill our information properly specially those who are in developing countries like Ethiopia. Though we are connected, people are not exploiting the power of the technology yet. For sure adopting the technology and make use of it will make people knows each other and connected.

  2. endalk

    Thank you for your comment but why do you have to say “how many of us fill our information properly specially those who are in developing countries like Ethiopia.”

  3. wdw

    Well, technology helps people to get connected and by using different proved algorithm to find
    with whom you are friends and relatives, if you fill information which is XXXX and
    that means you provide a data that is manipulated by computer and the results will be garbage.
    Therefore,we are still disconnected though we have the technology at hand.

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